CSX Charlotte Subdivision, Bostic - Charlotte

CSX Charlotte subdivision. SAL/SCL
CSX Charlotte sub map in .pdf format of line from Monroe NC to Bostic NC.
This photo from 11/90 looking railroad south toward Lattimore, NC shows construction of Shelby siding. Part of the original Southern Railway SB roadbed was used for the siding. The old Southern roadbed can be seen in the distance behind tall trees.
GP30 slug and mother unit at the NE of Duke siding, June '92.
Northbound CSX unit coal train stopped on the main for a meet with a southbound CSX train at Shelby siding. NS unit is leading southbound CSX train into the sidng. This photo is looking railroad north. Trains currently use DTMF operated turnouts and signals at each end of the siding.
Old indicator south of Cherryville siding. These were approach illuminated. This indicator was moved to the railroad museum in Cherryville.
New signal installation at Cherryville siding north end.
Northbound CSX 696 at new signal installation, Cherryville, NC. Bottom head governing siding contains four aspects. Third aspect is restricting (lunar). Cherryville is located on the former Seaboard Air Line between Bostic and Charlotte, NC.
New signal installation at Cherryville siding south end.
The rolling terrain of the Piedmont is evident in this telephoto view of Cherryville south end. A hopper train is in the siding waiting for an approaching northbound movement.
Approach aspect at Cherryville siding south end.
Northbound signal at Rudisill St crossing in Cherryville, NC for approaching Q696. The medium approach signal indicated to the engineer this train will go in the siding to meet a southbound. Small trackside sign desiginates TCS begins.
Northbound CSX 696 at Cherryville, NC. This train will go in the siding to meet a southbound due to the medium approach aspect shown above.
Cherryville north end signal installation in progress.
Another view of Cherryville siding signal installation. This is the north end southbound signal.
Old indicator guarding south end of Cherryville siding. There was an approach indicator about two miles from each end in addition to the indicator at each spring switch. All were approach illuminated. Indicators were installed after the head on collision that occurred a few tenths of a mile north of this location. Indicators are still used at Duke siding near Mt.Holly, NC.
View of SAL bridge crossing over the former Carolina and Northwestern RR in Lincolnton, NC.
C&NW rails were pulled years ago. A short portion of the C&NW roadbed through downtown was converted to a paved walking track.

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